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Support Local Music This Sunday 5PM

Young Brad Paisley

Young Brad Paisley

Support local music… Sounds scary right?  Who knows what’s going to happen or what it’s going to sound like.  Imagine watching one of today’s top country artists play his first gigs when he was a young aspiring artist.  Country music singer Brad Paisley’s passion for music began at age 8, when his grandfather gave him his first guitar. By the age of 12, the young musician was singing in church and at civic meetings and playing in his first band, for which he wrote his own material.  In church??? That’s a free concert with one of today’s top chart artists.  Paisley eventually secured a regular spot on Jamboree USA, a popular country music radio show. Paisley was so popular with listeners that he was invited to join the program as a full-time musician, opening for musicians such as The Judds and Roy Clark.  Brad started small and so does every single local artist that gets the guts to strap on a guitar and walk out on the stage at a local church or small town festival.  My first gig was playing one song with my awesome band of 8th graders at the Bellbrook Jr High dance.  After our song ended, 0ne hundred 8th graders started screaming “ENCORE”, which we did not anticipate, but we only knew one song so we played it again!  I still have the guitar pick I used that night and it was the beginning of my rise to fame as the guitarist for the acoustic duo, Eureka Park.  Ok I’m not famous, but I am playing this weekend with the famous Robin Walton from 93.7 WFCJ.  She is the host and driving voice behind the Notes From Home radio program and she supports local music every day.  Robin is an encourager and a seeker of great talent in the Tri-State and she has helped Eureka Park gain a wider audience along with something else that is even more valuable to every local artist… courage!  Hearing our songs on her radio program each week gives us a boost of courage to keep playing and writing and making a difference with the music talent that we possess.  This weekend at the 2nd Annual Notes From Home Live Concert we will share the stage with 8 other local groups each with their own story and song and courage.  I would love for you to be a part of it and it is, like most local music concerts, FREE!  You’ll also get free coffee and cookies compliments of the First United Methodist Church of Springboro.

Also, thanks to our friend Jason at Fine Tuned Music in Centerville, the local artist that can bring the most fans will win a one song recording session!  This business and locals music enthusiast is showing support and helping local music thrive!

- Eric Michael Roberts

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