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Off-Roading with John Stone

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.28.56 PMThe first time I heard the name John Stone was just after my husband, Eric, and I had stepped off the stage of the Fraze Pavillion at this year’s Gospel Fest.  A new acquaintance, David, asked me if I knew John.  I could tell just by the tone of David’s voice that he thought highly of John and his talent.  When I heard him sing, I could see why.  John has a big voice and a stage presence to match.  Robin Walton took the stage immediately after him and asked him from the microphone to submit something to the Notes From Home program.

John’s talent has taken him all over the country.  He started singing and traveling when he was just sixteen.  Eventually, he became a part of a successful men’s quartet known as “Lighthouse”.  He was on the road with them for eleven years when he felt God calling him to shift gears.  It was time to commit his gifts to a local body of believers.

Today, John is happy to be off the road.  In his words, “[I] have been taken to new depths of the love of Christ as staff pastor of Countryside Church of the Nazarene.”  John loves his church band, and takes the responsibility of leading his church into the presence of the Lord each week very seriously.  “I spend time in prayerful thought considering the circumstances of the local body,along with world events that may be drawing our attention, and attempt to represent the congregation in approaching God in response to His greatness and our need,” he told me.

Where does the guy who has to try to inspire everyone else find his inspiration?  “Any of the Hillsong and Lakewood projects always speak to me.  I think the acoustic vibe of All Sons and Daughters is pretty cool!”

If you want to see John Stone live, he’ll be at the second annual Notes From Home Live! concert on September 14th.  Or you can find him “off-roading” every Sunday morning at Countryside Church of the Nazarene in Lebanon, OH.

Watch the video of John’s band at Gospel Fest 2014


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  1. John Stone Band is a wonderful group with spirit!


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