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More Than Just A Pretty Voice – Interview with Robin Walton

robin-wfcj-blog1By Emily Roberts

You know Robin Walton.  You hear her on the way to your kid’s soccer games as you listen to WFCJ’s “Celebration of Praise”, or as you take them to scouts and “Exaltation” comes on .  Or maybe you hear her filling you in on the local happenings for the station’s “Action Calendar”. Or maybe you hear her as you head to Chipotle after the games,hosting the local Christian variety program, “Notes From Home.”

Yes, Robin is a busy lady, but she’s more than just a pretty voice and a packed schedule.  Robin loves people.  And she has a special affinity for local musicians.  As a local musician, I have experienced her encouragement firsthand.

With that in mind, I was surprised to find that she was not initially eager to host Notes From Home.  It seemed to her that “…EVERYONE was a singer or at least wanted to be.”  As she began reading the bio’s and letters of these hopefuls, however, she became inspired with a vision for the show, and it reminded her of a promise she had made to God a long time ago.  “If I [was] ever in a position to give someone a ‘break’ I was going to do it,” she said.  Since then, she has been enheartening Christian musicians all over the tristate.

I asked her why she felt it was important to support local artists.  She told me, “I want to give our people the respect they deserve to follow their passion.  I want to see them taking a chance; not hiding their God-given talent under a bushel.”

If you are considering submitting your music for consideration to be played on the Notes From Home program, here are Robin’s  tips for a winning submission.  Notes From Home plays everything from bluegrass to gospel, so music from all genres is welcome.  She often plays original music, and loves hearing a twist on an old classic.  Currently, she is even considering adding Christian comedians to the show.  Most importantly, she says, “We are looking for clarity and meaning.”

Finally, I had to ask about her signature sign off, “Give your pet a scratch behind the ears for me.”  In typical Robin fashion, she found a silver lining in a cloudy situation.  While taking a call from a listener one day, she found herself competing with the listener’s barking dog.  “Give your doggie a scratch behind the ear for me,” she said by way of closing the conversation.  “Doggie” was changed to “pet” to accommodate all the animal loving listeners, and a tagline was born.

If you’d like to meet Robin in person, she will be hosting the 2nd annual Notes From Home Live! concert at 5:00pm, Sunday, September 14th at the First United Methodist Church of Springboro, OH.   The event is free.

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