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Gospelfest at the Fraze with Sanctus Real

sanctusflye-smallSunday, July 27th, was the first annual Gospelfest at the Fraze Pavillion. Eureka Park was the first of ten local bands to perform preceding Sanctus Real.  It was so much fun! It was a little intimidating to walk onto a stage of that size, but the audience was so warm and encouraging that we quickly forgot our jitters. Lauren Keller was our contact person for the event, and she ended many of her emails with “please let me know if you need anything at all”. Sunday morning, with as much as I imagine she had going on to prepare for the concert, I dared to test that offer. My grandmother, who lives in Kentucky and is rarely able to make it here to Dayton, had come up unexpectedly. She is currently recovering from a car accident in which she broke her foot, and, while she very much wanted to see us perform, concerns were raised that she might not be able to manage the lengthy walk from the parking area to the stadium. When I called Lauren, she was quick to make arrangements for a close parking place for my family. What a blessing! God made a way for my grandma to share a special moment with us, and Lauren deserves a big “thank you” for helping us out with that! Another blessing was the weather. According to Lauren, “The weather was an absolute miracle! Every location around us had a heavy down pour, but the Fraze remained dry.” Let me amend that by saying mostly dry. It did rain a bit when Eric and I were playing. Some people pulled out plastic parkas, while others simply moved up near the stage to take advantage of the cover it provided. Everyone seemed determined to enjoy themselves, whether they were wet or dry, and the sky cleared quickly. Maybe all those positive thinkers drove the clouds away! After our performance, we were able to spend some time in the vending area, where we had a booth.


eureka-silo-blogOur new t-shirts have a silhouette image of Eric and I. A young couple approached us, and I heard a friend of theirs say, “Go ahead. Ask her.” “What are you standing on in the picture?” he wanted to know. “A box?” “Three books,” I told him. “Stand up, honey,” I encouraged Eric. When He did, they understood. My 5’3” stature requires three books and some of the highest heels I own just to get my face in the vicinity of his, which tops his 6’5” frame. “Yeah,” the boyfriend responded. “That’s like us.” He told us he was 6’ and his girlfriend claimed every bit of 5”1”. It was Eric’s heart, not his height, that attracted me to him. I tell people, “He was just the right guy in a big package.” I didn’t get their names, but it was fun to meet another “Mutt and Jeff” couple like us. My mother has been calling Eric and I that since we were dating. I finally looked up “Mutt and Jeff” today. Turns out they were characters in a comic strip. A tall man and a short man who were friends. I was glad to find out Jeff was the short one. I don’t think Eric will mind being “Mutt” as much as me!

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 9.28.01 PM


View more pictures from the concert below!


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