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Aaron Clark and Ministry: Your Cure for the Work Week Funk

IMG_2648707698100They’re moving.  They’re singing.  They’re shouting.  They’re Aaron Clark and Ministry, and their high energy praise is contagious.  This band doesn’t hold anything back, and their free spirited performance will encourage you to join in their fun.

Started back in 2005, before Aaron Clark stepped into the picture, the band was known as “Restored Praise”.  When Aaron joined them, the name was changed to “Ministry” because, according to Aaron, they “…did more than just sing…” and because  “…[his] heart [is] to serve the kingdom of God, so the name fits.”   At an early performance, they were introduced as “Aaron Clark and Ministry”, and the name stuck.

With two recordings under their belts, this gospel group travels “all over, ministering the word of God through song”, Aaron told me, but they also serve faithfully twice a month at their local church.

While “ACAM” does cover the music of other artists from time to time, Aaron writes the majority of their songs.  When I asked him how he chooses his song set for an event, here’s what he had to say:

Normally before I pick the song selections I honestly pray and ask GOD.  God knows who is going to be at the event/service before I get there. He also knows what the person needs to hear to encourage them or help them make it through. So I then ask God to reveal to me what songs will help and set the atmosphere for that event.”

Aaron Clark and Ministry will be performing at the second annual Notes From Home Live! concert, Sunday, September 14th, at 5:00 pm.  Come ready to sing along.  This band has the cure for the work week funk!



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